Thursday, September 15, 2016


Dear Donald,
Because we have zero chance if Hillery gets elected, we have made a choice. We have decided to promote you and give you the keys to the store. We know you are the “fixer” and we surely do need fixing. We have your number however and will be monitoring you closely. If we catch you with your hand in the till or bringing your buddies into the store after hours…YOU’RE FIRED!



By Pastor Dick Carmack

Standing mightily astride the high rises of New York, The Gigantic Donald smites all armies thrown at him, intercepting aircraft and bullets in flight, swatting down missiles, all the while clutching with one arm the prize of all prizes,                                            the Presidency of the United States.
He is untouchable. He is the hero of the day. All hail the Donald!

Figure 1


Desperation is in the air. America is sliding toward chaos and people can see and feel it though they may not put it into words. Grasping at straws, a man arises who claims to be able to reverse the descent and as a result, a full third, soon to be probably more than half of all Americans are willing to support him for the Presidency. Is he for real or is it a con?

Figure 2

It may well be a plot hatched in hell and America’s conservatives are ingesting it hook, line and sinker. Americans hate our present government with a passion. Donald Trump has tapped into that anger and is sweeping the GOP race for the nomination and apparently the presidency of the Republic. The whole show however may well be a Broadway production, staged by that shadowy group known as “Illuminati.”
J.R. Church writes in his astounding and extensively documented book, “Guardians of the Grail,”
“This book reveals the sordid story of a secret organization based in Europe, which, down through the centuries, has been the guardian of a so-called “holy bloodline.” Participants in this clandestine group believe that members of this “sacred lineage” are descended from Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. Their ultimate goal is world government!”[1]
Donald Trump (as documented later) reportedly carries in his veins “royal blood,” that supposedly qualifies him for membership in the “sacred lineage.”

Church gives us the history of this diabolic movement which students of rotten governance know sometimes as “The New World Order” that began in the Garden of Eden when Satan tempted Eve with the lure of “ye shall be as gods.” That attempt was a roaring success for the arch-enemy of God and since that day the love of money (and what it takes to get it) has dominated the darker side of all unsaved humans.
The next big move was the erection of the Tower of Babel in the first recorded attempt at world government. That one had a great beginning but ended in failure when God descended from heaven and scattered them from “thence upon the face of all the earth.” Satan licked his wounds and retreated, waiting for a better day.
For the next three thousand years scores of world dictator “wanna be(s)” came and went but nothing really stuck until the “Crusaders” struck it rich when they apparently found the fabled “Solomon’s Treasure” while digging in and around the Jewish Temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem.
The first Crusade, called “The people’s Crusade” began in 1096 and lasted for three years. The ninth, and last Crusade was led by Prince Edward, (later Edward 1 of England) ran for less than 2 years and ended in 1272. Sometime during that 176 year period the money power of the world had its big beginning. Called “pilgrims,” an early order of Knights Templar in 1119 was granted a headquarters in a wing of the royal palace on the Temple Mount in the captured Al-Aqsa Mosque, below which was believed to be the ruins of the Temple of Solomon.[2] Digging therein the Knights supposedly found the bulk of Solomon’s Treasure, which had been derived in part from his celebrated “mines.”
The story goes that when the treasure was recovered it was clandestinely spirited off to Scotland, there to form the financial foundation of the banking systems of the world, and to finance skullduggery, partly through banking, in almost every facet of activity on the globe where money was to be made. Added onto the ultimate crime syndicate, is the proposition that because of the possession of big money you also receive the right to rule the masses. They call it “the divine right of kings.”
That is a bare outline of the empires of which our esteemed Donald Trump we discover is apparently part of when you do some digging. Mr. Trump is perhaps a tool of the empires that control the earth whom we sometimes know as New World Order Globalists. Does the foregoing perhaps explain the reported “million dollar loan” to Donald by his father, or perhaps is there financing that extends much deeper into global pockets? Think Mark Zuckerberg and his alleged multi-million dollar seed loan from either the CIA or his grandfather (David Rockefeller) to start Facebook, which is the greatest intelligence gathering apparatus ever invented.
As stated above Americans are fed up to the point of vomit with the present political leaders and their obvious manipulations (in both parties) sucking us closer and closer into the abyss that will eventually enslave us all unless it is somehow halted. That realization accounts for the apparently “unexplainable” support for Trump.
Question; If there is indeed a group of diabolic men who are so fabulously wealthy that they can start and stop a war with a snap of their fingers, a group that by definition has to be brilliant in their deliberations, how could they possibly overlook a boiling rebellion that threatens civil war in America and fail to attempt to stop it? It’s well known the FBI has infiltrated hundreds of organizations from the right to the left and have therefore allegedly been able to stop terrorist attacks before they ever start. And yet, we are led to believe by the controlled media the “Trump Phenomena” is apparently “unstoppable” being fueled by a “deep anger and resentment on the part of the people.”
Hogwash! If the conspirators (and they do indeed exist) are able to topple governments and to control world wars they are also able to stop “The Donald.”
This writer fears we are being conned into the “King of all Cons.” A centuries old organization that controls literally trillions of dollars and owns (or has a mortgage on) most of the world, is not about to be dethroned by an upstart real estate developer from New York. What then is the secret agenda propelling the Trump? Simply stated it may be part of a diabolical plan to rule the world with a fist of iron. Part Two of this article will deal with some disturbing parallels between the rise of Trump and the rise of Hitler that devastated Europe and came pretty close to conquering the world.
First we will look at the Trump connection to the supposed “Blue Bloods” of the world that claim the “Divine Right of Kings” to rule the world.
According to an article in Infowars dated January 21, 2009[3] which in turn quotes the New York Post[4] “According to a New York Post article entitled “Cousins by Dozens: Fruitful Search Through Family Trees” written by Ginger Adams Otis on October 28, 2007, Barack Obama is George W. Bush’s 11th cousin enjoying a closer relationship than former Vice-President Dick Cheney who is George W. Bush’s 9th cousin once removed, while Barack Obama is Dick Cheney’s 8th Cousin.” And, strange as it may seem, Donald Trump also belongs to the “blue-blooded” family of the super rich and super endowed who are destined to rule the world!
The same article states: “According to Rosemary E. Bachelor, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, historian and genealogical publisher, Obama is related to “at least eight American presidents (sharing) common ancestors,  (with) 1. James Madison [Edwin and Martha (Eltonhead) Conway], 2. Woodrow Wilson [Edward and Elizabeth (Blossom) FitzRandolph], 3. Harry Truman [Mareen Duvall], 4) Gerald Ford [Joseph and Rose (Allen) Holley], 5. Lyndon Johnson [Phillip and Maria (Schmidt) Ament], 6. Jimmy Carter [Adrian and Mary (Disharoone) Gordy], 7. George Bush Sr. and 8. George Bush Jr. [Gov. Thomas and Mary (Richards) Hinckley].” (emphasis in original) An illustration accompanying the article follows:
Figure 3

“Both Hillary and Donald share common ancestors[5] tracing their lineage back to England.
“Both Clinton and Trump claim lineage to John of Gaunt, the 14th century 1st Duke of Lancaster and son of England’s King Edward III, John of Gaunt, a royal in the 14th century, was the son of King Edward III and featured in the Shakespearean play Richard II, named after his nephew. Both the real estate tycoon and former Secretary of State are the direct descendants of 14th century 1st Duke of Lancaster, John of Gaunt and his third wife Katherine Swynford, according to the ancestry site Clinton claims the lineage to her 18th great-grandparents through the Rodham family of her father’s side while Trump is related to her through his mother Mary Anne Macleod, who was born in Scotland.

“The common relative means that the Democrat and Republican are 19th cousins.
Ancestry site MyHeritage has discovered that the Democratic and Republican
front-runners in the race for the White House are actually distantly related through
a royal British ancestor. The site has revealed that Trump and Clinton are actually 19th cousins and share the same 18th great-grandparents. Ancestry site MyHeritage has discovered that the Democratic and Republican front-runners in the race for the White House, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are distantly related through a royal ancestor (named) Swynford (who) was at first Gaunt’s mistress, but they later married and their offspring were legitimized.

“Gaunt’s children by Swynford include Trump’s 17th great-grandfather John Beaufort
and Clinton’s 17th great-grandmother Joan Beaufort, according to MyHeritage. The Duke of Lancaster’s son by his first wife Blanche, would later go on to become Henry IV. Various other descendants of Gaunt would claim his lineage to Edward III during the War of the Roses, a conflict that makes today’s political scandals seem laughably tame in comparison. The war ultimately ended when Henry VII, a member of the House of Lancaster, defeated Richard III in battle and became the first Tudor king.”[6]
The same article even has Sarah Palin sharing the royal hemoglobin along with Joseph Smith founder of the Mormon religion, and don’t forget slippery Bill Clinton.
Meanwhile the elite of the world “wring their hands and sweat profusely” at the prospect of the Trump possibly gaining the presidency. According to a recent article by Reuters we read,
 "’Unbelievable", "embarrassing’ even "dangerous" are some of the words the financial elite gathered at the World Economic Forum conference in the Swiss resort of Davos have been using to describe U.S. Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.”[7]
Give me a break! If it were really that serious, if the elite were actually and honestly worried about Trump becoming President an “accident” could be easily arranged or perhaps an unexpected heart attack. It’s been done before.
The recent death of Justice Antonin Scalia, found on a secluded ranch with “a pillow over his head,” was a clear message he was a “blood sacrifice” to Satan and had been murdered with the result that others that had plans of opposing the Globalist agenda had better walk carefully and watch their backs.
It was reported by the media that during the 2004 election cycle with both George Bush Jr. and John Kerry sharing royal blood, Burke’s Peerage gave slight odds in favor of Kerry because he had “a little more royal blood than Bush.” If researched, odds are that Al Gore, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and other political leaders will also be found to be members of that most exclusive club.
You don’t get the top job running the company store unless you are part of the family that owns it. This all goes back to the idea those that rule, are above the rest of us, claiming immunity from criticism or challenge.
“The divine right of kings or divine right is a political and religious doctrine of royal and political legitimacy. It asserts that a monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving the right to rule directly from the will of God. The king is thus not subject to the will of his people, the aristocracy, or any other estate of the realm, including (in the view of some, especially in Protestant countries or during the reign of Henry VIII of England) the Catholic Church. It is often expressed in the phrase "by the Grace of God," attached to the titles of a reigning monarch.”[8]
We hear a little, but just a little, about some of Trump’s early days and some of his early positions like being pro-abortion and giving big bucks to Hillary and Bill (see below).
Many staunch conservatives today look back at some of their liberal positions when they were young, but later became solid in what they are today. But in addition to youthful lapses in judgment, Trump has done some very strange things lately and is still taking strange positions if he truly is the answer to the people’s prayers. Consider for example this report by Dave Hodges:
Hillary Clinton attended Donald Trump’s 2005 wedding to current wife in Florida. Hillary Clinton had front-pew seating at the event. Even Bill Clinton, not a person known for respecting the sanctity of marriage, showed up for the reception.
“Trump has been generous in towards the Clinton’s in the past as he has donated over $100,000 to the Clinton’s foundation. And as a former Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton has responded in kind as she left many of the Trump real estate deals alone when she could have a negative impact.[9]
As Mr. Trump bulls his way into the GOP nomination notwithstanding all of the “noise” being made by the establishment, count me out as being in attendance to either his cheering section or coronation.
Isn’t it strange the media gives almost constant coverage to the antics of Donald while explaining they actually “deplore his tactics?” Why don’t they just freeze him out of the publicity limelight? They did that with Rand Paul as they did to dad Ron Paul and are past masters in shunning and blanking out anyone they don’t like. No, the captive media has apparently been given their orders: “Give Trump all the publicity you can while posing to be against him.” One is reminded of Randolph Hearst who gave orders to his editors, “Puff (Billy) Graham” an evangelical that had no problem with sending saved sinners right back into the arms of the Roman Catholic church that seems to be slated as the False Prophet of Revelation.
Part two of this article will examine some of the creepy parallels between Donald Trump and the little Corporal, Adolph Hitler.  We will also look at how the “divine right of kings” was established and legitimized in the public venue.





First an explanation of the origins of “The Divine Right of Kings.”
After centuries of bad governance there arose several rebellions against the people that had gained, and wanted to hold onto their power. In England members of Parliament has set their eyes on even more power and rebellion was detected by the existing, real rulers. Something needed to be done.
How about a teaching, ostensibly from God Himself that would put down any ideas of rebellion and overthrowal of the “powers that be?”
“The theory of the Divine Right of Kings aimed at instilling obedience by explaining  why all social ranks were religiously and morally obliged to obey their government.
“The religious fervor awakened by the Reformation and Counter-Reformation provoked rebellion all over Europe. In England, both Roman Catholic and Puritan theorists justified disobedience, and even forcible resistance, to heretical governments that attacked the true religion.
“An increasingly high proportion of MPs had been educated at Oxford or Cambridge (England’s two universities) and/or at the Inns of Court (where lawyers were taught their profession).
“The theory of the Divine Right of Kings was directed at convincing this literate and wealthy group that they should serve as royal officials, not try and seize power for themselves.[10]
To summarize the above quote (which researchers like J.R. Church disagree with vehemently), let’s just say it is a theory concocted by the kings to keep the peasants in line by telling them the Bible taught them to do so. The modern tactic to keep the cattle in the corral is to quote Romans 13:1-7. That passage appears to teach voluntary subjection to whomever or whatever happens to be in charge. The teachers conveniently overlook however, Verse 4a that explicitly teaches the ruler must be “for good.” It follows therefore if the ruler is bad, the teaching is automatically nullified.
According to Church, the explanation given above is the sanitized version while he and others say the REAL belief of the “Blue Bloods” is that kings (and their descendents) have “royal blood,” derived from a supposed union between Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. That supposedly devolved into a European sect called the Merovingians from which sprang the Habsburgs and other self annointed royalty.
In addition to Part One of this article that shows the alleged connection between Mr. Trump and his supposed “Divinely Charged” forefathers, there are even more reasons to be very suspicious of the meteoric rise of the current front-runner for the Republican nomination for President (Feb 23, 2016). This writer hopes his fears are ungrounded and that Mr. Trump is actually whom he says he is. However, knowing something about the sin nature of all men and their almost insatiable quest for money and power we feel there are many warning signs that need to be examined.

There are disturbing similarities between Donald Trump and an earlier strong man the world knows as Adolph Hitler. It appears to this writer (and there is a lot of convincing evidence) that the rise of Hitler was only made possible by an infusion of money by the industrialists in Germany, but primarily in the United States. Donald Trump has taken bankruptcy four different times and still has reportedly amassed a fortune of $8-9 billion. Has someone infused money into his coffers in order keep them well supplied so he can claim to be “financing his own campaign?”
In the financing of Hitler’s rise to power, the Bush family in the person of Grandpapa Prescott Bush was involved.[11] In addition the Bank of England and the American Federal Reserve put money into his rise to power.[12] A blockbuster book by Anthony Sutton also gives great detail of the clandestine activities of Wall Street in the financing and subsequent rise to power of Adolph Hitler.[13]
The question now becomes, does Wall Street still have its hand in the controlling of political picking of Presidents, or have they taken a vow of celibacy? We would be very naïve to believe that those involved in the never-ending quest for money and power have decided to sit this one out. Have the movers and shakers of world suddenly decided to become bystanders and to actually let the people elect a man who on the surface seems determined to topple the financial rulers of the world?
Let’s look at a few of the tell-tale-tags of where we are today.

“Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924)  stated: "Socialized medicine is a keystone to the establishment of a socialist state."[14]
Here is Adolph with his version of “Hitlercare.”
The National Socialist Workers' Party leader, Adolph Hitler, became Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933, and began implementing a plan of universal healthcare, with no regard for conscience.”[15]
What about Trump’s views on healthcare? Here is a quote from an article about his views:
“He has broken with many Republicans on taxing the rich, threatening trade wars and keeping Planned Parenthood alive. On Friday, Donald J. Trump faced criticism for an even bolder act of conservative heresy: embracing the core tenet of the Affordable Care Act.”[16]
“Less than 24 hours later, Mr. Trump backed away from his remarks, proclaiming himself to be the fiercest opponent of the health law. It was the latest example of a candidate who has been impervious to inconsistencies again emerging unscathed from a misstep that would probably be damaging to anyone else.”[17]
We note that Mr. Trump consistently reminds us that he is “not a politician” but flip-flops such as the preceding seems to contradict his statements. Flip-flops according to the prevailing political winds is a tell-tale sign of a professional politician.


Hitler’s complete contempt for human life is beyond dispute, killing babies, the infirm, mentally and physically handicapped (Veterans and others) in addition to six million Jews, not to mention political opponents is well documented. But what about Trump’s view of the sanctity of life?
“January 25, 2016 (LiveActionNews) -- On the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, many GOP presidential contenders were not silent. While Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton continue to defend the horrors of abortion, Republicans Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson took to social media. Recognizing the tragedy of over 58 million lives lost, these candidates explained why they stand for life.
“Donald Trump, however, was silent on abortion, the March for Life, and Roe v. Wade all day. He was the only GOP front runner to avoid making a statement. Issues concerning Trump’s pro-abortion past continue to rise – including his statement that his sister would be “one of the best” justices for the U.S. Supreme Court, despite her ruling in favor of partial-birth abortion as a circuit judge.”[18]
It seems Trump has a problem in coming straight out and endorsing the Pro-Life position. That in itself is not conclusive, but it certainly raises red flags. He also has major problems in cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood even though he is well aware of the videos showing the butchering of aborted babies so their parts could be sold for profit.
“This past week, for the first time, Trump has specifically promised he would sign a bill as president to de-fund Planned Parenthood. Trump has repeatedly indicated he opposes Planned Parenthood funding but has always stopped short of committing to sign legislation to stop the flow of taxpayer funds to the nation’s biggest abortion business.
“In a new interview with David Brody of CBN, Trump made that promise. Although his promise will go a long way towards reassuring pro-life voters he would implement specific pro-life policy on abortion as president, Trump continued to praise Planned Parenthood — following up on his “good things” and “wonderful work” comments that have turned off some pro-life voters.”[19]

How about the 2nd Amendment? Does Trump support the absolute right of anyone except convicted felons having the right to own a gun? Hitler and his henchmen didn’t think so:
Heinrich Himmler, head of Nazi S.S. ("Schutzstaffel"-Protection Squadron), stated:

"Germans who wish to use firearms should join the S.S. or the S.A. Ordinary citizens don't need guns, as their having guns doesn't serve the State."

Disarming the civilian population was a necessary step in state control, as Vladimir Lenin explained: "One man with a gun can control 100 without one. "[20]

But what does Donald believe? He apparently believes the government has the right to ignore the 2nd Amendment and can ban so-called “assault weapons” which is nothing but Communist “Newspeak” for any gun that can fire multiple times before reloading.

“For assault weapon ban, waiting period, & background check

“I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. With today’s Internet technology we should be able to tell within 72-hours if a potential gun owner has a record.
“Source: The America We Deserve, by Donald Trump, p.102 , Jul 2, 2000”

Under the rule of Adolph Hitler it was decreed;

'Persons who, according to the Nuremberg law, are regarded as Jews, are forbidden to possess any weapon. Violators will be condemned to a concentration camp and imprisoned for a period of up to 20 years.'"[21]
We have to ask the question, if “assault weapons” should be banned according to the above quote by Trump, can that ban be logically expanded to include other perceived firearm threats that arise in the future? How about guns with extra-ordinary range, or power or caliber? If the 2nd Amendment can be partially breached what is to prevent further restriction?


The frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination today promised "forward motion" on gay and lesbian equality if he is elected.  
“In an interview with NECN's Sue O'Connell just days before the crucial New Hampshire primary, Trump cast himself as a uniter on LGBT issues.  
“O'Connell, who is also Bay Windows' Publisher, identified herself as a lesbian in a question that noted the progress the LGBT community has made in the last two decades and asked Trump if voters can expect him to continue that momentum if elected 
"When President Trump is in office can we look for more forward motion on equality for gays and lesbians?" O'Connell asked him.  
"Well, you can," Trump answered. " And look, again, we're going to bring people together, and thats your thing and other people have their thing. We have to bring all people together and if we don't we're not going to have a country anymore."[22]
What was Hitler’s stance on Homosexuality?
“(Scott) Lively's crime? In his book, "The Pink Swastika," Lively exposes a secret homosexual activists don't want you to know about Nazi Germany: that although the Nazis did persecute homosexuals, the homosexuals the Nazis persecuted were almost exclusively the effeminate members of the gay community in Germany, and that much of the mistreatment was administered by masculine homosexuals who despised effeminacy in all its forms.

”Ludwig Lenz worked at the Sex Research Institute in Berlin, which was destroyed by Hitler's Brown Shirts in 1933 likely because its records, including 40,000 confessions from members of the Nazi Party, would have exposed the sexual perversions of Nazi leadership. Lenz said that "not ten percent of the men who, in 1933, took the fate of Germany into their hands, were sexually normal."[23]
Is it possible we don’t have all the facts regarding Trump’s views on homosexuals or is this article painting with too wide of a brush? Or could the above research simply be the tip of an iceberg which indicates a much deeper problem which most simply don’t suspect?


There is implied consent in the 5th Amendment of our Constitution for eminent domain, saying private property should not be taken by the government without “just compensation” but the question is far from settled with scholars on both sides of the question arguing strongly for their point of view, especially when private interests have used it to condemn private property so that commercial development can take place.
Likewise, the general public is also divided on the issue, with conservatives and libertarians usually coming down on the side of the individual and against the powers of the state especially if the power is used by private interests, and even notable resistance when the state uses the power. Donald Trump is unequivocal in his view:
“Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump argued that eminent domain, including for private projects that “employ thousands of people” is “a wonderful thing” in an interview broadcast on Tuesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.
“Trump stated, “I think eminent domain is wonderful, if you’re building a highway, and you need to build, as an example, a highway, and you’re going to be blocked by a hold-out, or, in some cases, it’s a hold-out, just so you understand, nobody knows this better than I do, because I built a lot of buildings in Manhattan, and you’ll have 12 sites and you’ll get 11 and you’ll have the one hold-out and you end up building around them and everything else, okay? So, I know it better than anybody. I think eminent domain for massive projects, for instance, you’re going to create thousands of jobs, and you have somebody that’s in the way, and you pay that person far more — don’t forget, eminent domain, they get a lot of money, and you need a house in a certain location, because you’re going to build this massive development that’s going to employ thousands of people, or you’re going to build a factory, that without this little house, you can’t build the factory. I think eminent domain is fine.”[24]


According to William J. Federer in his book “Three Secular Reasons why America Should be under God”
“Though early in his career Hitler pretended to be a Christian in order to get elected, once in power he revealed his nazified social Darwinism and became openly hostile toward Christianity.”[25]
This writer must ask the question regarding the depth of Trump’s faith. Yes, we know he shredded the Pope with just a few words over the “Mexican wall,” and we applauded him for it because of the obvious danger we face with unrestricted borders, but we have also noticed several occasions when we too wondered whether or not he is really a Christian. Writing in The Christian Post, Rod Anderson comments:
“Donald Trump said he's not sure if he's asked God for forgiveness, at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, on Saturday, which led some to question the sincerity of his alleged Christian faith.
“Moderator Frank Luntz asked Trump on Saturday if he had ever sought God's forgiveness and Trump replied, "I'm not sure I have ever asked God's forgiveness. I don't bring God into that picture."
Trump clarified further about forgiveness in the church setting saying, "When I go to church and when I drink my little wine and have my little cracker, I guess that is a form of forgiveness. I do that as often as I can because I feel cleansed. I say let's go on and let's make it right," declared Trump.[26]
It’s a little hard to imagine someone being a Christian without “bringing God into the picture or being forgiven by a little cracker.” On the other hand it’s not hard to imagine someone professing to be a Christian in order to gain support from those that really are. Let’s just say there seems to be room for skepticism.
When you write an article like this questioning the pronouncements and veracity of a major figure in today’s world of wide-spread corruption, you run the risk of almost being “un-American,” but so be it. My worst dream is to place a “strong man” in a place with life or death power over our future. We have seen enough of that over the 8 years of Barack Obama. We don’t need anymore. There are parallels between Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler that should keep us awake at night and caution us to move very, very carefully in blindly following a man who seems to be able to capture to world and to easily shrug off words that would sink anyone else. The exception however is one who is secure in his relationship with the Lord of Glory and his eventual transition into living forever in heaven with Jesus.
Is it possible that Trump indeed, is being guided by a “higher power” but not necessarily the One that wrote the Bible?

Dietrich Bonhoeffer warned Germans not to slip into the cult of Führer (leader) worship, as he could turn out to be a Verführer (mis-leader, seducer).
There is a lesson we all need to learn. When a writing such as this is ignored or attacked we are dangerously close to the present assault on the 1st Amendment granting us freedom of speech. I am reminded of what Martin Niemöller said following the reign of Adolph Hitler,
"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me-and there was no one left to speak for me."


Part Three – May 28, 2016
Michael has a theory. It can’t be proven at this point but it’s one of the most intriguing possibilities I have seen in a long time. I have often wondered how Antichrist could seduce the world into following him so quickly and in such great numbers. Michael may have the answer. He works for a publishing house in Europe and is both a Bible student and a student of the New World Order.
Skipping his salutation, I present Michael’s thought here as received. I hope this begins a discussion, as Antichrist appearing on the scene as a great mover and shaker seems likely to occur soon. The Chosen Generation is going to see wondrous things in the near future.
It is the contention of this writer that we may be in the midst of the greatest con ever pulled on a free people. Donald Trump is now the nominee of the Republican Party for the 2016 election for President of the United States. From all appearances he will steamroll his way to a landslide victory. The recent disgusting riots in Albuquerque and Los Angeles are obviously backfiring on those who are bankrolling the riots. Public opinion is moving massively in favor of Trump as a protest against the lawlessness and it appears one man is well on hi way in overthrowing the entire New World Order. But is it true? When we consider the evidence presented in parts one and two of this series we see the mainly unpublished background of Donald Trump.
 With than in mind, please consider the theory presented below by Michael, a Swiss citizen working in Germany.
 Michael’s letter follows (English spelling corrections in parenthesis).
“I have thought a lot about how the Antichrist will achieve his enormous popularity. And here is my answer: He will fully expose the NWO as nobody has done it ever before! That will make him the absolute hero of the day. Because the really almost funny thing about all this occult Illuminati and all their buddies serving Satan in their Lodges, the “Bohemian Grove”, with the “Scull (Skull) & Bones” rituals and so on is this: They are thinking they will get the absolute power as a reward for their cruel crimes. No, they will be sacrificed first! Because this Antichrist will accept no other powers beside himself.
Too far fetched as an idea? Think about it another way by for example reflecting what happened in Germany: Ernst Rohm was the second man in Hitler’s Third Reich. He was chief of the “SA” counting millions of members. This “SA” (“Sturm Abteilung”) literally fought the Nazis into power on the streets of Germany. And you know what happened? After Hitler had achieved his absolute power he killed bis (his) “best friend” Rohm and all the other “SA” big buddies based on the lie that Rohm wanted to install a overthrow of Hitler. But Rohm was caught in bed by surprise, sleeping with his homosexual mate…
Or think of other modern monsters like Lenin or Stalin. They also killed everybody of influence around in order to achieve absolute power! Just  imagine brutal mass killers like Hitler and Stalin, after having fought against each other in endless massacres, waking up in the same hell – just to find out they have been “engaged by the same company”…But that’s exactly how the Devil always operates and that is why the power elite is “as good as dead already”, al though they have no clue yet. It will be just the old “divide and conquer” – game, last edition.
And if you don’t want to accept this NOW-Devil-Connection”, just file trough (through) the writings of sinister “wise men”, better to be named “fools”, like Manley P. Hall or Albert Pike and many other “heroes” of the Illuminati: There they have openly admitted that their true god is “Lucifer”. And of course, like Jesus once said, you can tell the character of a tree by its fruits.  Therefore it should be all to plain to see by what they are doing to the world right now: Those following “Lucifer” are “evil pure”. But what those “little-big followers of the real beast” don’t know: They have been good at building hundreds of FEMA-Camps, but they are building them for themselves! The Antichrist will lock them in there, as soon as the whole scum (scam) has been revealed by him. Because he will, by human means, be the “most brilliant mind” to have ever occurred on the face of the earth. And therefore the power elite’s heads will be chopped off first in those FEMA-Camps.
But sadly enough: by thinking that “the problem is solved” people will not get the idea, that something far worse is going to start.
Think again: The growing general awareness regarding the New World Order is like a  “Djinn (Genie) that can never again be put back into the bottle”. The knowledge of the NWO is too widespread all over the world already. If the “Devil’s Messiah” will not address and deal with those forces – could you for example expect that any Muslim would accept him? In the Muslim world the knowledge about the New World Order is far more present than in our western countries after decades of brainwashing through our mainstream media!
That is why I strongly believe, that the coming exposure of the New World Order-Occultists-Luciferians-Satanists or whatever will be just another “problem-reaction-solution” scheme the Devil always uses. After having created his sinister NWO movement he will offer the solution by getting rid of them.
He could for example just start by fully exposing the FED’s and other worldwide brilliant scum (scam), taking the right to print the money from the Government (for the U.S. that would be the Congress) into private hands (that is what the FED really is: a consortium of private banks under a “federal” cover) handing out fiat paper-money printed out of thin air against interest. Destroying this deadly system alone would solve some of the biggest problems of the global economy. And then, he could simply take out all those “too big to fail” bankers-gangsters out of business and replace them with a new credit system that really serves the best interest of the people. That would not only totally cut the elite off their money based power structure, but definitely make the Antichrist the “hero of the day”, wouldn’t it? Islamic banking for example offers a different and in many parts far better approach, it you study it without religious prejudice – as I have tried to.  Adopting just some essential parts of Islamic banking would help him to win the hearts and minds of the Muslim world too, for sure.
And the world will a totally different one, the biggest problem seemingly “solved” and “done with” at last! Only thereafter will he eventually claim to be Messiah, the Mahdi, Maytrea and what else – you name it – and for the average Christian “sheeple” he will pretend to be Christ having come back. Christ warned us that there is a big chance that even his true followers might be deceived.

My dear unknown friend in Christ:
What do YOU think of this?

Be blessed,


[1] Guardians of the Grail, Copyright 1989, Prophecy Publications, Oklahoma City, OK

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For the record it should be noted here that Michael (above) has not accepted the theory (only for illustration in this article) that Donald Trump could be the Antichrist. Indeed, when the writer tried to send him an outline of the theory he failed to respond, leading me to believe he does not agree.

Is it possible however, that we are witnessing and in the middle of, the greatest con ever cooked up? Suppose for a moment that in the smoke-filled, mahogany paneled offices of the 13 ruling families of the earth, someone raises his hand and says,

“I nominate Donald Trump. We have financed and groomed him for just this time. He can pull it off.”
“We’ll bankroll him like we’ve always done and he will bring the sleeping population alive with his condemnation of us and their enthusiasm with bring us into complete power. We’ll hide Hillary’s health until later and when the time is right Trump will be swept into power with the full support of the sheep. From them on, it’s back to business as usual. We control the media and with a financial collapse we can easily bring in martial law.”
“Yes,” another rejoined, “We can put Barack in as head of the U.N. and (chuckle) the fight goes on and the sheep continue to sleep! ‘The Patriotic Donald fending off the fiendish Obama.’ Hegel lives on!”
The Bible however predicts a strong man arising in the latter days who will actually become the Antichrist of Rev 13.
Borrowing from Michael (letter above), can we imagine President Trump after being installed in power, then exposing every facet of the New World Order, ruling families included and in a world shaking check-mate becoming the biblical and prophesied “Antichrist?”
I intend to vote for Donald Trump. Not because I think he can actually solve any real problems, but because Hellery is CERTAIN death. With Trump we have a very small chance of delaying judgment.
Dick Carmack

[1] Guardians of the Grail, Copyright 1989, Prophecy Publications, Oklahoma City, OK
[6] Read more:  article-3210778/Donald-Trump-Hillary-Clinton-revealed-distant-cousins-family-trees-share-set-royal-ancestors.html#ixzz3k2MAEHXo
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