Wednesday, September 14, 2016


By Pastor Dick Carmack

“The worst and the best is yet to come.”

As we watch the meltdown of Democrats concerning Hillary Clinton’s health, let’s suppose for a moment that she refuses to give up and admit she is not medically able to serve as President.  The Democrats panic (if they have not already set this up) and have Obama issue an executive order declaring a national emergency “Suspending the elections, until something can be worked out.”
The Republicans hastily pass resolutions in both the House and Senate condemning Obama’s order and attempting to nullify it. Unable to resolve the stand-off, the issue goes to the Supreme Court, which is divided 4 to 4. We suddenly have a Constitutional Crisis. Given the capricious behavior of that so-called “unbiased” body in the recent past, anybody’s guess is good what will happen.
In a “Banana Republic” leaders are changed about as often as most folks change their underwear, but what about America? Have we already albeit unknowingly, become a banana republic that can be pushed and molded by the powers that be, according to their will?
A little history.
On March 30, 1981 John Hinkley Jr. attempted the assassination of President Ronald Reagan and in minutes Secretary of State General Alexander Haig went before television cameras to assure the public, “As for now I am in control here.”
It is conceivable a divided Supreme Court with neither side willing to give and in the ensuing chaos, that a military takeover may be attempted? What kind of a compromised military do we really have? Reports have it the real Generals have been “retired” or forced out and the lackeys have been promoted to Pentagon top jobs. General Haig apparently thought he was third in the line of succession but was “ignorant” of the 1967 law that gave the line of succession first to the Vice-President (currently Joe Biden), then to the Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan), both of whom are in the pockets of the globalists known as the New World Order. Poor old Secretary John Kerry comes in a poor 4th. True, we have never had an attempted military coup in our country but there’s a first time for everything, especially nowadays. If we consider the politicized military under Obama, it’s probably a time for counting sheep.
In the list that follows, the last one #18 (shown as vacant) on the list is Secretary of Homeland Security currently held by Jeh Johnson. In this writer’s opinion he’s the one to watch as possibly being “appointed” to take over. After all, he has already attempted on his own (or was he told to do it?) to take over our national election.
…but wait, wouldn’t #s 1-17 protest? Not if they’re told to keep their mouths shut. Who do you think appointed them to their current positions? And, does anyone believe Jeh Johnson attempted to take over our election process without approval, or even instructions from the top? Not on your life. He, like the rest does what he’s told.
On top of that did you miss the news that our national elections will be monitored by the United Nations? Apparently we need to be protected from “conservative groups trying to suppress the opposition” from voting. Looks like we may be just a few short steps away from the dust-bin of history.
If we have already become “Banana America,” it may be time for an internationally backed “strong man” to “step forward to restore order caused by created chaos to this “fragile republic.” Will all please stand and consider Mr. Jeh Johnson?
Following is the complete list of line of succession as given by Wikipedia,

Current Line of Succession

Current Officer

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