Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Dick Carmack

I have watched with dismay the widening gap between former friends and neighbors now deeply divided over the Trump electoral victory and the utter child-like temper tantrums of the Left and the Democrat Party. Eight years ago half of the country was dismayed over the election of an obscure Senator from Illinois who so obviously had hardly any experience either in government or in the free enterprise system that provides the means to run the country. His only qualification was as a “community organizer,” a term that most of us had never heard of, and certainly knew little about.
Did we (the losing half) have to be nurtured in special “weeping” rooms with counselors brought in to get us through the shock of losing the election? Were we threatening to march in the streets and burn down the Capitol as we chanted, “Not our President!” Did we threaten to disrupt the inaugural ceremony? Did we threaten to use the odor of vomit to make buildings uninhabitable? No. We simply accepted the results of the election and though we were saddened, we respected the process. Why were we so peacefully compliant to law and why did we keep our disappointment to ourselves?
The difference can obviously and easily be traced back to what we believed then, and what is believed now. As we watch our nation apparently coming apart we need to wake up and correct at least some of the factors that have contributed to our present problems.
Mostly, what we believe is what we have been taught. This writer was taught in the public schools, first of all respect for our country and our flag. We said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning and our sense of patriotism was reinforced by the role models provided by our teachers and by our community leaders. Leaders who were mostly Christian, then Americans, and lastly Republicans and Democrats.
That picture has drastically changed. Our public schools have largely been taken over by those who now teach a philosophy that free enterprise is an object of disgust. Our public educational system has been subtly invaded by a philosophy of communism (“From each according to his ability and to each according to his need.” The lie of an unachievable utopia), and as a result many of our children if not most, no longer understand the difference between the two philosophies of government. They have been brainwashed into believing the capitalistic system that brought us prosperity and by and large has protected our freedom is to be abhorred.
The facts of history quickly show us the true difference. The Communist Soviet Union collapsed simply because it oppressed and robbed the people while the top echelon lived in luxury and the Free Enterprise (Capitalist) United States went from a nation of starving immigrants to become the unparalleled super-power of the world. A nation and a system of production and rewards that has provided far and away the most material wealth the world has ever seen.
Our educators however, being steeped in communist ideology believe in the so-called “communist utopia,” because they were taught (by those who hate the idea of personal freedom) it was the way to go and never bothered, or were unable, to examine the premise of that idea. What they were taught they are now passing on to their students, our children. As a result, our nation has largely gone from a nation of “do-ers” to a nation of “takers.” The next step is to watch our freedom vanish and thrust forth our hands to accept the handcuffs in exchange for a few pieces of bread. The last step is to stop and think, “While we were rolling in the wealth provided by freedom, we were watching our I-Pads and texting about the latest sex-star, as an iron boot was descending upon the “collective” necks of the world.
If our school boards fail to wake up and drastically change the curriculum and fire the die-hard ideologues that teach it, then it will soon all be over. The Trump-haters of today will look up from their trays of bread and water tomorrow and sigh for the “good old days” when they were given the right and the space to go out to march, chant, scream and make fools of themselves. Our mis-named “educational system” has become a Trojan Horse that is about to empty out on humanity a darkness that will bring in an individual the Bible calls the Antichrist. When that happens it will be too late to escape.

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